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We were delighted to welcome Leocadie Murray to the school today to finally launch the Karambi-Bodyke Penpal Project. The children heard a little bit about life in the village of Karambi, in Burundi, and were amazed to hear that they had never even heard about snow! Later they learned a little about their new penpals and listen to Leocadie read them in their original language of Kirundi before hearing the English translation!

We are so excited to get this fantastic project off the ground and look forward to lots of interesting teaching and learning!

There is a fantastic treat in store for our mums on Sunday, with a personal letter written just for you. We were so impressed by the sentiments that we had to share a few!! Mums, we hope you know how lucky you are to have such fantastic kids 😁

Something Fishy

Something Fishy

We were delighted to welcome Inland Fisheries Ireland officers to the school today to kick off our Something Fishy project. They gave us a presentation about their job in the Shannon River Basin District. We learned about water quality and the importance of clean water, the signs the river is healthy/unhealthy, different fish in our rivers and lakes, pollution and its causes, the life-cycle of a wild salmon and the importance of conservation.

Later in the project, we will participate in a supervised fieldtrip to a local river where they will learn about water quality, fish, the environment and angling. Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) officers will conduct different experiments, judging the overall health of the river. While encouraging safety and awareness they will demonstrate the importance of conservation and promote the anti pollution and anti litter message. They will show samples of fish life in the river by ‘electric fishing’ and they will promote angling, as a hobby and encourage fish, as a healthy food source.


Engineers Week 2018

We celebrated Engineer’s Week from 24th February, with a selection of different K’nex building challenges. The junior class was challenged to design and build a castle.


Later in the week, children from both classes worked together to design and make a working model of a racing car.

During the project, they learned about the importance of reducing air resistance, and the forces that affect the speed of a car. The project was further developed by challenging the children to a competition to see which car could travel the furthest using only a balloon.



Our Hip Hop dance classes kicked off today with a high-paced, energetic workout in the spring sunshine! Fantastic active fun!

Thank You

We had amazing support & sponsorship from the local community for our FunRun yesterday. The day wouldn’t have been as great a success if it wasn’t for our super dedicated and supportive Parents Association..as always, thank you for everything you do..you go above and beyond and we are very lucky to have you!

A huge thank you also to the local businesses who were incredibly generous in their sponsorship of the event! In particular, thank you to: Anita’s Hair Salon Scariff, Beckman Coulter, Derg Catering, Derg Credit Union, Derg Kitchen Design, Holistic Therapy Clinic Scariff, Killaloe Harbour Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, Ted’s Fruit & Veg Scariff, The Cobbler’s Rest and Wellesley Investments & Pensions Ltd.

Lastly, a massive thank you to all the teachers, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours who came along to support us on the day. We are very grateful and hope to see you all again next year!

Bodyke NS PA FunRun

What a phenomenal turn out we had for the Bodyke NS PA 5th Annual 5k & 10k fun run today. A huge thank you to everyone who supported us by walking, running, crawling, organising, sponsoring, baking, cooking, donating, stewarding, cheering..& more….and for making it a huge success!!!

Hike in Mountshannon

More active fun was had during our hike in Mountshannon. We were lucky to have clear blue skies and some sunshine as we trekked through the forest. We even took in the fairy trail along the way.


A huge thank you to Fergal Coughlan and Patrick Hayes for the fantastic Handball workshop they gave us as part of our Active Schools Week. Fergal is a World Handball Champion and we were delighted for his insight during their hands-on session.

Handball is a fantastic accessible sport and we would love to see more of it promoted in Clare schools.

Zumba in the Sunshine

What fantastic active fun we had during our Zumba class in the sunshine! The class gave the children a flavour for how much fun being healthy and active is through movement and dance for our Active Schools Week.

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