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Active Athletics!

We have been covering the Athletics Strand of the PE Curriculum. We really enjoyed using the hurdles as part of our PE lesson. We are concentrating on improving our running technique also. Remember “Head up, Pump you Arms, High Knees!!”

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Science Fieldtrip!

In the Senior Room ,we were learning about different plant groups. We went on a visit to the nearby forest and collected samples from some plant groups such as mosses, ferns, flowering plants and trees. We used some reference books and websites to help to to identify the plants back in the classroom. We remembered […]

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Leave No Trace Programme

We are looking forward to starting the Leave No Trace Programme with Fergus Barrett on Wednesday 25th October.
The Leave No Trace schools programme is a curriculum intended to promote sustainable use of our public lands, through application of the seven principles of Leave No Trace.
For more details, check out the websites http://www.leavenotraceireland.org/ and http://www.leavenotraceschools.org/

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Children’s Book Festival 2017

As part of the Children’s Book Festival, our class visited Scariff library, to meet with Author and Storyteller Derek Mulveen, and we were treated to a fantastic reading from his book ‘Oisin the Brave – Robot Island’ .

Oisin the Brave and Orane the Dragon go through the Dolmen of Time on an adventure that […]

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People who help us..

More Aistear fun was had in the Junior Room, with the children taking on the roles of Gardaí arresting suspects, firemen and fire chiefs tackling dangerous fires and pulling people to safety, and a team of doctors to help save casualties…Here are some photos of the fun…

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Our Autumn Walk

The Junior Room went on a nature walk today to observe the signs of Autumn.

We saw leaves of different colours, leaves falling from the trees and a lot scattered on the ground. We found blackberry brambles, acorns and even oak apples.

We have been learning about the different kinds of leaves, and talked about their […]

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Our Clay Creations

Our Clay Creations were finally fired and collected and we had a great surprise when Ms Ryan showed them to us today. We can’t wait to take them home to show them off…

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Explorers Education Programme™ 2017/2018

We got some great news this evening…the Junior Room has been successful in our application to participate in the Explorers Education Programme™ 2017/2018.
Our class has been chosen to take part in the Seashore Safari Module of the programme.
Our class will be visiting the seashore to participate in a field trip involving interactive activities learning […]

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Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday
Our school had great fun beating the teachers at penalty shoot outs. Teacher s will be practicing during the school year to ensure this defeat will not occur again.

Finally as European Sports week comes to a close, we are delighted to reveal that Bodyke reached Cardiff through our run around the school competition. We […]

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Teamwork Thursday

Team work Thursday
Due to the bad weather on Thursday, Team work Thursday was postponed. We managed to complete some team work games at small break on Friday instead.


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